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Pyramid Solitaire Supreme


An amazing spin on the classic solitaire game of Pyramid featuring over 50 incredible levels and graphics/sounds optimized for the latest devices.Features:
- Over 50 unique and classic levels- Fantastically fluid gameplay that is intuitive, responsive, and enjoyable - Great graphics, animations, sounds, and music optimized for the latest devices- Undo last card flipped- Wild Cards
How to play:
Pyramid Solitaire challenges you to clear out a stack of cards by selecting two cards which together total 13. You can clear any Kings by themselves or two cards which together total 13 as long as they are free (not face down because they are overlapped by another card). You can use the deck to match up with any free cards. If you deal all of your cards and cannot match up the face up deck card the game will be over. Wild Cards can match anything and help you out of difficult situations.
Cards are valued as follows: Kings=13, Queens=12, Jacks=11, 10-2 are face value, and Aces=1.
1. Old-school pyramid2. Pretzel3. Snakey stuff4. Riding the lines5. Square dance6. Looking down7. X marks the spot8. Piled on9. Fair and square10. Triangle down11. Lazy 812. Tale of two cities13. Smiling away14. Out of synch15. Messed up16. Tri Peaks reflected17. Diamond18. Tilted 3D19. Pieces of Pi20. All zipped up21. Tea time22. Jaggies23. Always + forever24. 3D box25. Nearly impossible26. Dual peaks27. Old-style stack28. Big stack29. Fun run30. Little snake31. Bow-tie32. Victory formation33. Stacked against you34. Boxed in35. Over and under36. Crazy piles37. Binary38. Tons of cards39. Sloppy floppy40. Pyramid in Australia41. Follow the lines42. Front to back43. Almost in 3D44. Empty triangle45. Crazy long snake46. Paired up47. Bracket busting48. Serious EQ49. Cut the curve50. Super zippers(and more!)